eLocal – history, music, and more

Libraries are the heart of any community. They not only provide the resources to enrich lives, but they also represent the pulse of the community. Whether through cultural programs, storytimes, classes, art exhibits, or bookclubs – the library already offers many opportunities to connect community members to knowledge (and one other). Many libraries already offer content… Continue reading eLocal – history, music, and more

Libraries in the news: Ohio

Check out this awesome article on library use (and great publicity overall for libraries)! Most of the data used in this article came from this impressive report: The Return on Investment of Ohio’s Public Libraries (& A Comparison with Other States), prepared by Howard Fleeter & Associates. It doesn’t matter if you are in Ohio… Continue reading Libraries in the news: Ohio

Great minds think alike!

Many of you enjoyed our recent post, Digital Equality for Spanish Patrons. We believe so passionately that thousands of libraries aren’t effectively connecting with their Hispanic communities…especially when it comes to digital content/services. We continue to hear the reasons being based on libraries not seeing evidence that the Hispanic community uses, wants, or needs library… Continue reading Great minds think alike!

Publishing relationships

Immersed in all aspects of publishing for over 3 decades, often leads me to believe it is a transparent business. A brief encounter with an aspiring writer, a bookstore employee, or a librarian, and I quickly realize it is a closed and close-knit world that only those who have spent some time ‘on the inside,’… Continue reading Publishing relationships

For the love of local content.

When you hear the word ‘library’ what is the first word that comes to mind? For some it’s books, for others it’s free, but for me, it’s community.  When I was younger, I saw the library mainly as a place to simply check out books, study, or use a computer. Over the years, I noticed… Continue reading For the love of local content.

Digital Equality for Spanish Patrons

We know Hispanics are the largest growing population in the United States (55 million people and expected to double by 2060). Many libraries throughout the country are witnessing rapidly changing demographics in the communities they serve.  Some libraries may offer Spanish materials, special programming and outreach, classes for ESL and computer skills, or even have… Continue reading Digital Equality for Spanish Patrons

eBook Rockstars

Did you miss the 3/10/16 webcast discussion about eBook and eAudio trends and dilemmas? Have no fear – you can watch it here! (like my poem?) A few cool projects and articles were also mentioned during the webcast or in the chat/comment group: Soon to Be Famous Author Project, shared by Veronda Pitchford (@vjpitch). The… Continue reading eBook Rockstars