Will the real Mark Eaton please stand up?

When I hear people talk about Googling themselves, I always envision finding information about my amazing and rewarding career in the marketing, publishing, and tech world. Unfortunately, this is what I usually find:

Yes, that’s right. When you google Mark Eaton you will find that I am either a 7’4” former NBA defensive monster, or a former NHL defenseman who is the only person from Delaware ever to play professional hockey. Now, trust me, I would love to make the money they make (…and, well, even have an ounce of athletic talent), but I am pretty sure they can’t say  they spent the bulk of their career trying to help millions of people.

As a proud Wolverine (Go Blue!), I never envisioned going into the education and library industry, let alone sales. In fact, I thought I would be in the world of sports after having organized charity hockey games with Detroit Red Wings and celebrities (no Mark Eaton of NHL fame, lol), half court promotions for the San Antonio Spurs, and a halftime promotion at the Alamo Bowl.  However, after a few years in marketing and promotions, I was given an opportunity to try out sales while waiting for a marketing position to open at Gale, part of Cengage Learning.  Well, that was it. Fast forward a few years, and the library world had me tight in their arms. Being able to help produce educational content that would help students and patrons across the world was simply…rewarding. For 12+ years, I could wake up each day and take pride in what I was doing; it was for the better good of humanity. How many people can say that?! And now as part of ODILO, an organization that is doing what’s right for libraries – rather than doing what’s right for a vendor, I ask: how many companies truly put the customer first?!

Now there is more to me than just work…there’s family, movies (I love writing short reviews with friends and family on social media), TV (I am in an eternal battle with my DVR to clear it!), and books (both print AND eBook, lol).

So, who am I and what do I look like? I am the crazy guy who forces his family to dress up for Halloween each year, and proud to be part of the library world.


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