When I was a child (a long, long time ago), many adults would often sing the 1918 song K-K-K-Katy upon meeting me. I actually thought the song was written just for me! Born in Chicago, early childhood on Long Island, and moved to upstate NY when I was 12 years old, I have had an awesome life and lived in many beautiful places. My favorite was Colorado. With 330 days of sunshine, skiing nearby, and no bugs, I still consider Colorado my home (although I currently live in Michigan). My hubby and I raised our three older kids there, and my youngest daughter was born there.

I am crazy passionate about libraries, communities, nonprofits, and making a difference in the lives of youth. Since 2011, I have been in marketing with a few companies (Gale-Cengage Learning, Mango Languages, and now ODILO). But prior to coming over to the ‘dark side of vendor world,’ I was actually in library land…and LOVED IT. As the Community Relations Manager at Douglas County Libraries (CO) for 11 years, I worked with some amazing folks, overseeing public relations, marketing, programming, advocacy, and outreach. I have had the great honor to present nationally on a variety of topics, such as presentation skills, emotional intelligence, branding, and library marketing. I even won an Emmy for a library PSA in 2008 (very outdated now, but back then it was impressive for a library to even have a commercial on TV!), and on behalf of the library, received the John Cotton Dana Library Public Relations Award in 2007.

It is really hard to remember what life was like before I came into libraries. I was engaged three times (with only one marriage, lol). I have two degrees in theatre, and spent a hunk of my life acting, directing, and touring across the United States doing professional theatre. I started a nonprofit theatre company. I taught at a few colleges. I worked and taught in both a state and federal prison, where I like to say I met my husband (no- he wasn’t an inmate). I created and raised money for several scholarships. I hope to finally finish the last two online classes and my Capstone project to get my Masters in Public Administration (which I started back in 2010). Did I mention – I also like to write? And wine. Love wine.

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