Publisher Pow-Wow: Findaway

A conversation between Nadine Billard, SVP Content Acquisitions and Strategic Partnerships at ODILO, and Marika Gofman, Content Marketing Manager at Findaway:

Findaway is one of the leading digital audio distributors to libraries. How long has Findaway been in the library market?
Findaway has been in the library space for ten years, but AudioEngine, our technology platform that delivers digital content B2B, has been in the library space for 5 years. We are passionate about delivering audiobooks and content to everyone, everywhere and libraries support that notion by providing equal access to digital content within their community.

How long have you been working at Findaway?
I interned at Findaway on my summer breaks while I was at Ohio University and started working full time about 5 and a half years ago. I knew from the first week of my internship that Findaway was where I wanted to be after I graduated. The fast paced environment and Silicon Valley culture is a rare find in the suburbs of Ohio. The core values align with my own, and Findawayers are the type of people I want to be surrounded by on a daily basis.

Has the library channel changed for Findaway in that time? If so, how?
There seems to be much more of an openness on the publisher side to distribute digital content to libraries. We’ve also seen libraries offer digital content more and more over the years. For example, we are seeing publishers and libraries embrace new models, like Pay Per Use, which allows libraries to offer a broader catalog to patrons.

When attending pre-sales or editorial/marketing meetings, how much attention/weight is given to library sales?
We absolutely focus on the library channel as we believe there continues to be an opportunity for growth in that market.

From a vendor perspective, we are finding that librarians are favoring flexibility in access models–is this having an impact on publishers and what do you/Findaway/Publishers think the long view is here? Will more licensed/access models be embraced?
At Findaway, one of our main goals is to deliver content to everyone, so we are always pursuing new models that would be beneficial for our partners and publishing partners. Again, we continue to see an openness to embrace new models on the publisher side. Many of our audiobook publishing partners have a desire to push the envelope and are at the forefront of new and innovative models. I think this interest in engaging in new models will continue to grow as these models are proven to be sustainable.

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