Promoting eBooks & more

How does your library promote eBooks and other digital content? Many libraries do a great job promoting immediate access to eBooks from the main website…but then that’s it. Just like any form of library program or class you may offer, it is important to hit that ‘reach and frequency’ goal of 7-10 different types of promotional efforts. The website counts as one…but there are many other ways to spread the word!

Think outside the box a bit and focus on areas that offer captive audiences or that have high traffic, for example: bathroom stall signs, community television, digital display signs, computer monitor signs, shelf-talkers, coffee cup sleeves (if your library has a coffee shop), flyers in local churches and/or religious institutions, bookmarks at DMV offices, or even posters at grocery store check-out aisles (depending on the grocery store chain in your area – many will allow!).

Most vendors provide free promotional materials, whether print or digital. If not – just ask (as they should !). ODILO even offers customizable designs for bookmarks, flyers, posters, and shelf-talkers so our customers can add their logo, URL, and specific text. You can check out some of our digital ads on one of our Pinterest boards.


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