Pay-per-Use ** Customer Spotlight **

Imagine being able to offer quality eContent to your patrons and only paying for what is checked out. It’s the easiest and most budget-friendly way to offer a patron-driven collection!  Does it sound too good to be true?  Well lucky for you, it’s not!

ODILO offers this Pay-per-Use (PpU) lending model for libraries.  Pay-per-use allows unlimited/simultaneous access to thousands of titles,  with pricing set by the publisher for each checkout. It helps libraries who want to offer an instant collection to their patrons with no holds or turn aways. Daily limits can be set to help libraries manage their budget.

ODILO is honored to work with many libraries that even offer Pay-per-Use content specifically for their Spanish-speaking patrons. There are thousands of Spanish PpU eBooks available, as well as some eAudio and eVideo. Libraries can even choose the option to offer a Spanish interface so it’s easy for Spanish-speaking patrons to navigate the site and find the content they desire.

Bigelow Free Public Library

Bigelow Free Public Library (MA) offers Pay-per-Use Spanish eContent to their patrons. The library has a Spanish book club and they continue to work on outreach efforts to let their Hispanic community know what they offer. They use the Spanish marketing materials provided by ODILO to advertise their Spanish eContent throughout the community, as well as on social media.

Santa Fe Public Library

Santa Fe Public Library (NM) is also trying the Pay-per-Use model to serve the needs of their Spanish-speaking patrons. They are excited to offer over 6,000 Spanish titles and are anxious to see what is most popular with their patrons.

Pflugerville Public Library

Pflugerville (TX) strives to be a town where quality meets life. It’s one of the many reasons they decided to offer Pay-per-Use Spanish content to their very large Hispanic community. They are able to offer quality content in many different subject areas and reading levels for their diverse patrons without exceeding their budget. We love to show off their ODILO site to other libraries because they’ve done a great job of creating digital bookshelves (or thematic carousels as we like to refer to them). They currently feature Spanish titles in the areas of Self-help, Cookbooks, Parenting, Biographies, Romance, Science Fiction, Classic Fiction, as well as Books for Kids, and Young Adults.

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