Webinar follow-up: Serving Hispanic communities

Thank you to those who attended our special webinar, Successfully serving your Hispanic community, featuring library rockstar Romeo Rosales Jr. As discussed during the session, please find additional information from Romeo and others below:

Questions we didn’t have time to address:
1. Have you heard of Leamos? A Spanish literacy course put together by Centro Latino for Literacy? I just started that and am having trouble promoting it in the community…

Romeo: I have heard of it and think it is a good resource. Have you tried going to impoverished areas or to head start programs that can benefit from this? I would say the best way to promote this is to make Spanish flyers promoting it and definitely have your children’s librarian push it within the department. If you have a YouTube channel for your library, shoot a video promoting it and how it works and upload it to your Facebook and YouTube page. If you have done all this and still do not see an influx of usage, I would say maybe it is time to assess whether it is worth spending your library’s budget on it. It is okay to admit something has not worked out so well.

2. What does FluentU cost? It is indicating I only have the first 15 days free.

Romeo: I do not recall the price but if it does not fit in your library’s budget, then scrap this idea and stick with a free APP like Duolingo. Always consider what options are best for your library. When you look for Duolingo on your smart phone, other suggestions of related APPs will pop up. Review those and see how they work. Our library literally sits down to download applications on our phones so we can test their relevance and whether or not they will be beneficial for our Hispanic community.

3. How can I locate magazines written for Latinos and reflecting the Latino culture?

Romeo: These links provide ideas to the most popular Latino magazines. We subscribe to almost all of these and they circulate very well.



 Also, our vendor is WT COX. They have some good Spanish magazines that you can consider if you are looking for a good vendor.

Mark: ODILO now offers popular Spanish magazines and newspapers, including large national, regional, and local newspapers, along with many thematic magazines. While we have more coming, you can check them out here.

Information shared by webinar participants:

If you have other ideas or suggestions on how best to serve your Hispanic communities, please comment below. And please let us know if you have any further questions or would like to suggest ideas/topics for future webinars.

Additional reading:

Those who were not able to join the webinar can watch the recording here.


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