What’s new at ODILO!

The 2016 ALA Annual Conference is just around the corner, and ODILO is excited to share information about new content, new customers, new publishing partners, and new products. Swing by booth #451 to learn more about ODILO, a global and innovative leader in the eBook industry. Read on to learn more about our cool new news!

New Content:

  • Audiobooks from Findaway World, a leading provider of digital audiobooks and technology solutions. Over 50,000 popular and bestselling eAudiobooks, from every major publisher, are now available in OdiloPlace.
  • Chinese bestsellers, provided by the leading operator and distributor of digital copyrights in mainland China. Over 50,000 Chinese titles now available from major publishers such as Amazon (China), ibooks (China), Baidu Yuedu, Alibaba Literature, Jingdong, and Dangdang.
  • Multi-media learning content, known internationally as ‘Educational Pills.’ ODILO now offers over 900 digital learning solutions (localized content for learning British English). This interactive content comprised of audio, video, and test and evaluation activities, is a great compliment for classrooms, whether K12 or academic.*
  • Popular Spanish magazines and newspapers are now available due to a partnership with the largest publishing alliance in Europe. Libraries can now meet the needs of their Spanish-speaking communities by offering large national, regional, and local newspapers, along with a wide range of thematic magazines.
  • Over 1,000 streaming Spanish films from Spain and Latin America, including animated films, comedy, thrillers, and more.**

* Localized content for British English only; not American English.
** Content availability may vary by language, platform, region, and/or institution type.

New Customers:

ODILO welcomes many new customers in 2016, including several new Theological libraries joining the Theological Ebook Lending Program, Alexandria Library (VA), Austin Public Library (TX), Four Seasons Private Jet Experience (WA), Iberia Airlines (Madrid, Spain), Pflugerville Public Library (TX), and Santa Fe Public Library (NM). These prestigious organizations join thousands of other ODILO customers around the world, such as the National Public Library System of Chile, eBiblio (national digital library in Spain), The Library Network (a public library cooperative serving libraries in southeast Michigan), Academy Mortgage (UT), Lake-Sumter State College (FL), Parramatta City Library and Leichhardt Library (part of IndyReads in New South Wales), and Plantation Library (FL).

New Publishing Partners:

ODILO’s digital content marketplace, OdiloPlace, has expanded to now include essential and popular titles** from over 600 publishers, including new partners such as American Academy of Pediatrics, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Child’s World, Coteau Books, DK Publishing, Findaway World, Fondo de Cultura Económica, Free Ebook Foundation, Gardners, Green Apple Media, Grupo Oceano, Grupo Planeta, McFarland, MIT Press, Orca Books, Penguin Random House, Pottermore (Harry Potter series), PublishDrive, Saddleback Educational, Trajectory, WND Books, and Young Digital Planet.

** Content availability may vary by language, platform, region, and/or institution type.

New Resources:

  • ODILO eBookClub – no driving required! Community members of all reading levels will enjoy this interactive literary experience. eBookClub members are provided with direct access to the featured title, online discussions, live chat sessions, note-taking, highlighting, sharing, and commenting on select passages from the book. eBookClubs are simple for library staff to create and facilitate, or provide limited administrative rights to a volunteer, patron, student, or educator. Explore our eBookClub demo site!
  • For consortia – ODILO provides tailored solutions for consortia, regional networks, and state-wide library agencies to manage their own eContent marketplace and share titles among member libraries. Any type of group can harness their collective buying power, while meeting individual library needs. Various lending models available, including one-copy/one-user, Pay-per-Use, simultaneous access, and/or subscription.
    • OdiloConsortia – a single shared platform that fosters greater cooperation and collaboration between libraries through resource sharing.
    • OdiloFlex – using the same platform shared by the consortia, individual libraries may choose to purchase popular titles or additional copies exclusively for their patrons. Only available with OdiloConsortia.
    • OdiloJoin – A network of ODILO digital libraries linked together to share eContent. Patrons have priority access to content purchased by their home library.

Check us out!

If you are heading to the Florida for #alaac16, please be sure to swing by booth #451 to learn more about ODILO (and let us know if you want a free exhibit pass). Or if you would like more information now, please contact us.


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