eLocal – history, music, and more

Libraries are the heart of any community. They not only provide the resources to enrich lives, but they also represent the pulse of the community. Whether through cultural programs, storytimes, classes, art exhibits, or bookclubs – the library already offers many opportunities to connect community members to knowledge (and one other). Many libraries already offer content from local musicians and authors. But what about all those amazing maps, menus, old photographs, and other archives your local history department and/or historical societies work so hard to preserve? How do you make these treasures available to your community? After all – these items represent the true foundation of your community!

Displaying local history items in frames or on top of bookshelves just isn’t enough anymore. When it comes to making local history items discoverable, it is time for libraries to make the past connect with the future. Put the ‘e’ in your local history collection: eLocal. It is time to have your local history items proudly showing online, alongside the next hot bestseller. If interested, Odilo can help make this happen for your library. In fact, one of our customers, IndyReads, provides local history journals, newsletters, and oral history in their digital library.

indyreads local history

If you don’t believe us, check out this recent article by Meredith Farkas in American Libraries, Our Digital Heritage: Bringing local history to life online.

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