Great minds think alike!

Many of you enjoyed our recent post, Digital Equality for Spanish Patrons. We believe so passionately that thousands of libraries aren’t effectively connecting with their Hispanic communities…especially when it comes to digital content/services. We continue to hear the reasons being based on libraries not seeing evidence that the Hispanic community uses, wants, or needs library services. But maybe that is because libraries aren’t offering what they want, how they want it. Perhaps it is like the famous saying…if you build it, they will come. Take a chance and start serving your diverse community the content they want from their native country (not just generic translations of popular English titles), via the devices they use most (mobile devices – as that is how they stay connected).

Libraries can’t just ‘wait and see’ anymore when it comes to successfully serving diverse communities. Take action now!

Don’t believe us? Check out this great read by Romeo Rosales, Collection Development; Catering to the Hispanic Community.

If you are attending #txla16, be sure to swing by and talk  with us about how best to serve your Hispanic communities.

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