Publishing relationships

Immersed in all aspects of publishing for over 3 decades, often leads me to believe it is a transparent business. A brief encounter with an aspiring writer, a bookstore employee, or a librarian, and I quickly realize it is a closed and close-knit world that only those who have spent some time ‘on the inside,’ can truly understand its inner workings. Moreover, each sector: Trade, K-12, College/Academic, STEM etc…, operates very differently with its own set of rules and processes. Editorial, production, sales, marketing, domestic vs international also have many different layers and functions.

Now immersed in the relationship between publishers and librarians, I have learned that not much has changed over the years.  The dialogue has grown but there is still a fundamental misconception that libraries are free and publishers worry they are giving away their books. Publishers often look to their vendors’ representatives to guide and advise them of the changing landscape.

April brings the London Book Fair and of all the international fairs I have attended over the years, this is by far my favorite.  Exhibitors and attendees have three days to network and make deals and everyone takes advantage of it.  Everyone is there to work and focused on ‘the business of publishing’: sales, distribution, rights, and global expansion. ODILO is expanding its foreign language content and I will be meeting with French, Italian, German, Russian, Vietnamese, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, Danish, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Belgian, and Swiss publishers.  Back to back meetings every 30 minutes–CAN’T WAIT!!! Email me at to make an appointment.


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