It’s conference season!

Generally speaking, January through June is the heaviest time of year for library conferences, no matter the library market. Odilo enjoyed meeting folks at ALA Midwinter 2016 (Boston), OLA Superconference 2016 (Toronto), and FLA 2016 (Daytona Beach). Hundreds of library staff visited with Odilo to learn more about this ‘new company that is taking North America’ by storm! Whether demos for our eBook platform or our innovative new eBookClub, everyone we have met is very excited by what they see.

Where will Odilo be next?

  • PLA 2016 (Denver – Go Broncos!) – Booth 916
  • TLA 2016 (Houston) – Booth 1713
  • London Book Fair (make an appointment with
  • ALA Annual 2016 (Orlando) – Booth 451

Swing by for a quick demo, more information, grab some cool swag, and enter our booth drawing! Plus – we are just a fun bunch of people to chat about all things eBooks.

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