Girl Power

As you already know, March is Women’s History Month. Libraries celebrate the month with programming, cool displays, and booklists. Speaking of which, Open Road Media, one of our publishing partners, shared some great little articles and booklists that are great for this month (all titles are available in OdiloPlace):

But what does #WomensHistoryMonth personally mean to you?

For me, it always makes me think of those women in history that made a big impact on me, whether I learned about them in school or on my own. When I was in first grade, I loved learning about Betsy Ross so much, that my mother got me a Betsy Ross ‘Barbie-type’ doll. She was all decked out in her patriotic dress and everything (in fact, I think I still have that doll in a dusty box somewhere). I also became obsessed with Harriet Tubman. I was floored by the courage she had and often wondered how I could do the same thing some day. I even created an underground railroad path in my backyard, through/around woods, to my friends house…and would pretend to quietly and secretly bring people to her house.

My college friends still tease me about my extreme devotion to Helen Reddy. I vividly remember the day in third grade my father brought me to the store and bought me my very first album ever, Helen Reddy’s Greatest Hits. Yes – we all know her famous song, “I Am Woman.” But she was so much more to me than just a 70’s strong woman. I still have every one of her albums, and pretty confident I know the words to practically all of her songs. While “I Am Woman” is good, it doesn’t even compare to some of her other songs. Her voice and songs basically raised me. I would have imaginary conversations with Helen often, and she always gave me the best advice in her beautiful Brittish dialect.

Who is a historic woman you think of during #WomensHistoryMonth?

Here are a few neat things I found on Facebook that you should also check out:

  • Nobel Prize has a cool video showcasing women who changed the world:
  • Detroit Institute of the Art is sharing works by women artists on their Facebook page.

BTW – March is also #NationalReadingMonth (not that we really need an excuse to read, do we?). Most of us would read 24/7 if we didn’t have to work, take care of family, etc. Every month should be Reading Month. Here’s an interesting little article by Christopher Schiemann on some research he did at his middle school around eBooks. Good to even know middle school kids are reading, let alone reading eBooks!                     -kk

12805810_986076181446251_3852101903874129345_nBarbara Bush, Nancy Reagan, Rosalynn Carter, Betty Ford, Pat Nixon, and Lady Bird Johnson. (from Caffeinated Politics)

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